Who is Buying Pound Now?

The GBP has been heading down, but could be ready to buy here:

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Nathan Tucci has been with Winner's Edge since 2011 as a writer and trader. He specializes in strategy development and enhancement and loves to share what he learns from testing, research and real world experience.

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  • http://twitter.com/trading4prof Bill

    When you produce your video updates turn off your skype…

  • junior

    i would you to analysis the 4hr market more.

  • Paul

    Great job Nathan as always

    In summary nothing to report: usd JPY not moved sufficiently for a move of stop to breakeven, eur gbp not moved from yesterday’s valid price action candle for a short order and no trigger yet to get short gbp NZD

    I look forward to your weekending analysis in terms of what this week has offered as potential set ups for next week