Filters in Forex Trading (TOFTEM model)


Hello Forex traders, Last week’s article introduced the TOFTEM model, which is a method for traders to structure their trading plan. That model recommends using 5 clear steps when tackling the market. This model is also part of a process when Forex traders build their […] Read more »

Aussie Recovery in Forex?

13- 1- 2014 ea

Hello Forex Traders, Last week the USD data release was a wide mix: the NFP result was poor and lower than expected, however the unemployment rate fell by a large figure of 0.3% from 7% to 6.7%. In general, the sum news had a bearish […] Read more »

Personality and Strengths in Forex Trading


Hello Forex traders, When trading the Forex market, did you ever analyze what your own strengths and weaknesses are? This is a vital step in becoming and/or remaining a successful Forex trader. All Forex traders must establish what their key strengths and weaknesses as to […] Read more »

7 Things Every Profitable Trading Plan Includes

forex education, trading plan

Before you start trading you MUST have a trading plan. Trading is a business and no business person would even start a business without a business plan. And no, trading is not a “hobby”. Hobbies are for fun, not profit. No one starts trading without […] Read more »

The 3 Most Important Tools for a Trader

Forex Education, Trading Tools

As a trader, you’re going to need tools. I’m going to briefly hit the obvious. Obviously, you’ll need a computer and a broker. And of course you need a brain. 😉 So, let’s start from there. 1) Training Ha! I’ll bet I caught you off-guard […] Read more »

Trading Success Formula in Forex


Hello There Forex Traders! Today is Friday, which means we close yet another week of Forex trading. Hope you all had a fantastic week and collected tons of pips. Our Forex trading room sure has gathered a ton of them. We capitalized very nicely on […] Read more »

Before You Trade: Have a Plan

Before you click that button to enter a trade, have you made sure that you are not just entering on emotions? I think you can probably relate when I say that the majority of traders fail is because they are not executing their plan or they have no plan at all. Read more »


Our success as traders is largely dependent on how well we recall past trades, and are able to make an evaluation of our performance and thereby make changes where necessary. Often, as is human nature, we try to forget our mistakes and move on. Ironically, though that human trait tends to work against us in the market. If we can’t recall why we made an error, then it follows that we will be prone to making the same errors over and over Read more »