NZD & CAD Struggle

15- 4- 2014 nu

Yesterday’s analysis focused on the US Dollar and Australian Dollar. Today our focus shifts to the NZD Dollar and the EURCAD. NZDUSD The NZD trend was strong but recently has had difficulties with pushing forward. Why is that? One of the primary reasons was actually […] Read more »

USD & AUD Close-Up

14- 4- 2014 au 1

The USD weakened significantly in last week’s Forex trading. Will and can these USD pairs continue with the trend? Let us review the majors. EURUSD The Euro posted weekly bullish engulfing twins last week but at the same time the currency pair is approaching major […] Read more »


25- 3- 2014 ga 4

Yesterday’s article discussed the bounce or break spots of the major currency pairs. Today I would like to focus on one of the crosses – specifically the GBPAUD. GBPAUD The Great British Pound has recently been winning a lot of terrain versus the Australian Dollar. […] Read more »

Trading FX Triangles Simply

20- 3- 2014 uc 4

Yesterday’s FOMC statement rocked the US Dollar as the global reserve currency strengthened across the board. The GBPUSD and EURUSD went down more than a cent. The USDCAD also gained substantial ground in this week’s of trading. In fact the USDCAD completed a classical triangle […] Read more »

USD Weakness Trend

13- 3- 2014 eu 1

Hello Forex Traders, Today’s focus will center on both the NZ Dollar currency pairs and US Dollar crosses. NZD RATE HIKE Yesterday the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) increased interest rates from 2.5% to 2.75%. The rate hike accelerated the uptrend on the New […] Read more »

GBPUSD Ready Set Go!

25- 2- 2014 gu daily 2

Hello Forex traders, Will the British Pound be able to break out today or this week? That is the question on my mind. The reason why I am curios is because a break above the consolidation could translate into a very impulsive move up. Let […] Read more »

USD Charts

10- 2- 2014 eu

Hello Forex traders, Last week’s NFP and unemployment rate figures did not encourage USD strength to continue. Although the unemployment rate fell by another tenth of a percentage, the NFP figure was again below expectations. The net result for the EURUSD was upside. Let us […] Read more »

Forex Overview Technicals

Hello Forex traders, Last night’s FOMC statement did not create any volatility in the Forex market and price remained roughly at the same spot. Yesterday’s market was particular dominated by Aussie weakness. The CAD and JPY weakness trades struggled to continue and made bigger retracements. […] Read more »

Forex Uptrends & Pending Continuations

21- 1- 2014 gj 4

Hello Forex traders, The GBPJPY has an identical situation as the EURJPY, which was discussed in yesterday’s article. It too is in a tremendous uptrend and it too has space to continue. DAILY TREND The most noticeable chart element is the daily uptrend channel (blue). […] Read more »

EURAUD & GBPAUD Forex Setups

17- 12- 2013 ea

Hello Forex Traders, The Forex market seems to be well aware of the upcoming FOMC news event. Yesterday price action of the Major currency pairs almost grinded to a slow halt during the day. Of course the fact that the holiday season is so close […] Read more »