GBP/CHF: An In-Depth Look at a Great Opportunity

The GBP/CHF has slowly but surely created a nice landscape for an upcoming trend.

This Awesome Opportunity is Based on our Double Trend Trap strategy which can be Downloaded Free Here.

For me, this is a significant opportunity because it has the potential to be a very high REWARD/RISK trade with the potential to grow you account.

A quick update on yesterday’s pairs and an in-depth look at the GBP/CHF:

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  • SamFX

    Patience definitely needed while watching for the bounce, esp, to see if it touches the uptrend support line … if it’s going there, decided to place a limit short late last night, it triggered for a quick 50 pip run this morning .. still waiting patiently though for that bounce ..

  • razu

    GBP/CHF is one of the better pair to trade i am sure.I see your technical analysis that is best to trade time i agree with you and thank to share this signal for trader.

  • simon

    I have a FIB 38.2 at 1.4799 so see this as the likely bounce Time will tell

  • Fxsniper

    Gbpchf is on a tear but I believe the best long entry is 1.4810/1.4800 level. I will have my buy limit at 1.4810 with a swing target of 1.5120. It is looking a bit over extended on intraday charts like h1 and h4. I will hope for a pull back into value then, kaboom!

  • Jack Maverick

    What, patience?
    Oh no…..

  • caseystubbs

    He is on a roll indeed but this one in my opinion takes a little patience to wait for the right entry.

  • Jack Maverick

    Gbp/Chf?? – I’ve never even LOOKED at that pair!
    Okay, I’ll bet a hundred, just because you seem to be on a roll this week. :)