EurGbp Trade Setup

We setup a live potential trade for you using our trend continuation strategies. Please leave a comment if you were able to follow along with us on this trade. Click Here to Download the Tools Read more »

A Look at the AUD and NZD

4- 3- 2015 audusd daily

The AUD and NZD have been in strong downtrends versus the USD but both pairs are showing significant retracements and corrections. Are their trends to resume soon? AUD FUNDAMENTALS Although the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to keep its interest rate stable this week […] Read more »

GBP/AUD Reversal Break (1,000 Pips)


The GBP/AUD has been in a surging uptrend for about 2 years… But you have may have noticed that the GBP has not been among the strongest currencies lately, and conversely the AUD is beginning to build strength. The downside of trading against a 2 year […] Read more »

Watch Out Buyers and Say Hello Sellers

25- 2- 2015 ga daily

The GBPAUD daily candle is communicating a strong message to the market: “watch out buyers and say hello sellers.” Tuesday’s candle left little room for speculation: it was bearish with a close near the low and a big wick on top of the candle. This […] Read more »

Finding a Forex Setup in the Commodity Weakness

12- 2- 2015 usdcad month

Trends and momentum are magnificent parts of price action for Forex traders… BUT trading them becomes less simple when price has accelerated into a far distant territory. A trader has 3 options: trade a reversal, with the trend or wait. Reversal trade setups are usually […] Read more »

Expect the Current Forex Market Trends to Continue

11- 2- 2015 power indicator

The Forex market has been lopsided with USD strength, Euro weakness, Yen weakness but also commodity currency pair weakness, GBP strength and CHF strength. As discussed on this blog the fundamental factors have acted as major driving forces for substantial movements in the last months […] Read more »

Why is a Trading Room Valuable?


For many years, Winner’s Edge Trading has offered a live trading room. So the question is, why do we offer it? What makes a Trading Room so Valuable? Many people think that what makes a trading room valuable is that, by being in the room, […] Read more »

The Best Indicator Combinations in Forex Trading

6- 2- 2015 image 2

The best indicator combinations are not only simple and effective but they also serve various purposes. In today’s blog post we will discuss which indicator-indicator and indicator-tool combinations are in my opinion the best in the field of Forex trading. You as the reader are […] Read more »

Prepare Yourself for a Euro Short Again

5- 2- 2015 eurnzd daily

The recent news events on the Euro have hit the currency hard throughout the month of January. The European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to implement Quantitative Easing (QE) and to keep interest rates at near 0 made the Euro sink quickly. The Euro however managed […] Read more »