Wrapping the Explosive Growth Mentoring Trading Room

Not my 24 Monitor Workstation

Today is officially the last day of the Explosive Growth Mentoring Trading Room. That being said, Casey has decided to continue to open the room for the foreseeable future. Not only have we learned a lot about Explosive Growth, we find that trading with a group is […] Read more »

Revisiting the News Trade – EGM Trading Room


Approaching the end of the third week of the Explosive Growth Mentoring trading room. There were lots of news items on the economic calendar this morning, all related to EUR and USD. The USD Unemployment Claims number came in negative, but seemed to have little to […] Read more »

Trading the Economic News – EGM Trading Room

USD/JPY News Trade

As the second week of the Explosive Growth Mentoring series trading room comes to a close, we had some market excitement in the form of economic news. This morning at 8:30 New York time, the PPI and Retail Sales numbers were announced. Typically when important […] Read more »

I Think She’s Getting It – EGM Trading Room

Emily's Rules List

Everyone, even long-term traders can learn (or relearn) something from brand new traders. All this week, my 19 year old niece, Emily has been looking over my shoulder while we were in the Explosive Growth Mentoring trading room. She’s decided that maybe Forex trading is […] Read more »

Learning From Adversity – EGM Trading Room

GBPUSD Long 1/12/2016

This is my second week in the Explosive Growth Mentoring Series trading room. I’ve been experiencing explosive growth in my account for sure. I opened a small account last Tuesday afternoon just for this room and it has done so well that I added cash to […] Read more »

Ya Gotta Take Yer Lumps! – EGM Trading Room

Asia Session Crash of AUD/JPY on News

Learning to trade can be painful. Actually, there’s no “can be” about it. Learning IS painful. But that’s good because trading is painful sometimes. The nice thing about mentoring is learning how to think. I started out as a self-taught trader because I’ve always been able […] Read more »

When to Take the Profit

Today, was the 2nd day of our Explosive Growth Mentoring Series. In this short lesson, Casey talks about a key lesson that he encountered during today’s live trading “When to Take Profit” along with some future analysis and planning for potential future trades. This is […] Read more »

My First 2 Days Trading for Explosive Growth

AUD/USD - All Out with a Tidy Profit

I’ve had the privilege to be part of Winner’s Edge Trading’s Explosive Growth Mentoring trading room these last two days. Now I’ve been trading a while and most of these concepts are not new to me. But to watch Casey Stubbs (Winner’s Edge Founder) put them […] Read more »

4 Thoughts About Trading in the New Year

2016 New Year

Well, 2015 is in the books. Good or bad, it’s over with and we must move on. If you had a tough trading year, you’ve got to forget it. If you had a great trading year, you’ve got to forget it. What are important things […] Read more »

Intra Day Trading Strategy

I have several key trade setups that I consistently look for. When I follow those setups then I make money. When I do other things I lose money. So in today’s video I want to show you one of the key day trading strategies I […] Read more »

Trader’s Tech #5 Reboot – Oanda


Written by: Tim Black   It’s tough for me to believe that over five years have passed since writing this article. I remember it like it was yesterday.   For those of you who would like to revisit the original article, look here.   I’ve […] Read more »

The Usd/Chf Could Rise 400 pips

I have a really sweet trade setup for you today. When I was looking at the pairs for a potential day trade I came across a good-looking set up on the USD/CHF pair. The pair on a daily chart is on a strong uptrend and […] Read more »

Learn A Rapid Trading Account Growth Strategy

Today I closed out my first week in the trading competition of making 114% return on my account. I was really pleased by these results. But not surprised because I have discovered some simple strategies that can rapidly grow your account on on a consistent […] Read more »

How to Come Back After a Trading Loss?

Trading Contest STandings

Taking a trading loss can be a devastating blow, which many traders can’t bounce back from. When I first started trading I took some losses that ruin my mental ability to continue to trade. These losses were very difficult for me to bounce back from […] Read more »

How to Find The Perfect Currency Pair


One of the most important things in trading is picking the right pair. Choosing correctly has the potential to make a huge profit, while choosing the wrong pair will lose money. This is one of the similarities that the forex market shares with the stocks […] Read more »

Two Basic Forex Trading Strategies


There are, of course, hundreds – probably thousands – of individual forex trading strategies.  However, they all fall into one of two basic strategic approaches: Great risk/reward ratio: This strategy is designed knowing that it will likely result in over 50% losing trades – the […] Read more »

Identifying Trends through Synchronization


Synchronization can be defined, according to businessdictionary.com, as the “process of precisely coordinating or matching two or more activities…or processes in time”. Well, what we’re looking to match in Trend Synchronization is simply the forex market trends across various time frames. I’ve written before here […] Read more »