Forex Trading Room Live Trades: 14 Jan 2014

Live trades taken on the Winners Edge Trading account during trading room – USDCAD +45 pips, GBPCAD +40 pips, EURUSD -14 pips.

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Chris is the head of the mentoring program and trading room at Winner's Edge Trading. He has a passion for technical analysis and helping Forex traders achieve their goals in trading. Chris has been trading for almost 10 years and is most fond of the Double Trend Trap (as a strategy), moving averages (as an indicator) and Fibonacci (as a tool).

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  • Chris Svorcik

    Results from yesterday from 1 of trading room members: £cad 54 + 46 pips; €cad 38 pips; $cad 70 pips‏

  • Chris Svorcik

    Hi Traders, did you take any of these 3 trades? If you did, please write down the result! Thank you! Chris