Asia Mirror Revival – The Webinar

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Wow! The response for our Asia Mirror Revival was overwhelming to say the least. Since we had such an awesome response, we’ve decided not to try to pick 10 subscribers. Instead, we’re going to have a short webinar and then open the webinar room up […] Read more »

Asia Mirror Revival – The Plan

Forex Strategy, Asia Mirror Revival

Last week I presented a strategy that was very profitable for us in our Asia Session trading room for several years. We went through several names before settling on calling it the Asia Mirror Strategy – since the theory upon which the strategy was based […] Read more »

7 Things Every Profitable Trading Plan Includes

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Before you start trading you MUST have a trading plan. Trading is a business and no business person would even start a business without a business plan. And no, trading is not a “hobby”. Hobbies are for fun, not profit. No one starts trading without […] Read more »

4 Common Mistakes with Automated Trading

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Push the “do it” button on your $1000 account and come back a month later to find $3000 in the account (or even $1100 for that matter.) That’s the dream isn’t it? Set up the account, VPS and robot, walk away and let it make […] Read more »

4 Things Your Grandmother Can Teach You About Trading

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My Grandmother was always filled with wisdom. Among the more common maxims, “Don’t run with scissors”, “don’t swim right after eating”, and “don’t play in the road” she also said things like “Come home early, nothing good ever happens after midnight” and “Letting the cat […] Read more »

What is Trading Capital?

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“Let’s see, we’ve got a few hundred dollars coming in this week for our mortgage, but we can put off paying that for a couple weeks. I think I’ll just pop it into our trading account and see if I can double it before our […] Read more »

Best Indicator For Forex Trading

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The subject of which indicator is best for (blank) can be a real touch point for arguments. Everyone has their favorite indicators and swears by that indicator’s ability to be a crystal ball in forecasting future market moves. But let’s look at the big picture […] Read more »