AUD/USD : Technical Analysis for Thurs May 6th

Again, using the Ichimoku overlay on the Hourly chart we see the following. Tenkan-Sen crossing over the Kijun-Sen nicely from above, the first indicator of a downward trend. Tenkan-Sen continues then in a steep flow downward, increasing the chances of trend. The Senkou Span “A” is […] Read more »

Trade Setup Usd/Jpy

We consolidated quite heavy for about 10 days before the breakout that put is in the bull run towards our target of 94 and that was taken out by about a hundred pips higher. Read more »

Possible Short Trade

Hello traders, I am going to keep this one short and sweet. Will leave out the fundamentals of why NZD should be heading south (but there are some good reasons... do your own do diligence). Here is a possible short trade idea on the NZD yen. If you start with the daily chart, take a look at the series of lower highs developing. Read more »

Is Scalping Worth It ?

Hi folks, its that time again and I want to write an article today about scalping. I recently read a post on our site that that was kind of disappointing to read, but I guess everyone has their own methods. Perhaps scalping is NOT for everyone. I personally LOVE it to death. I do personally have trouble finding trades that can move several hundred pips without giving me the possibility of incurring a WIDE stop loss (which, I just don't like). Read more »