Impact of Scottish Independence Referendum on GBP


Scotland will hold a referendum on whether it should be an independent country that will take place on Thursday September the 18th, 2014. Residents of Scotland will be able to vote yes or no on the question “should Scotland be an independent country?” If a […] Read more »

USDJPY Breaks 2014 High: Ready for 120?

9- 9- 2014 uj 3

After a large consolidation (entire 2014), the USDJPY has posted several daily candles above the monthly top of 105.44. Certainly there were and are no hints of any apparent weakness during the breakout. From a previous article we already know that the USDJPY could offer a 1500 […] Read more »

USD Momentum Thrives & Silver Break to Decade Lows

11- 9- 2014 u

The U.S. Dollar strength is a development which the WET blog has been closely monitoring closely (click here for July article and here for January article of this year). Strong weekly candles tower above the consolidation (orange box) on the USD index chart. Is there […] Read more »