100+ Pip GBPUSD Trade Setup (Right Now!)

10- 7- 2014 gu

Today’s deep GPBUSD pullback seems to be an excellent opportunity for making some pips! Why is that? The GBPUSD is entrenched in a strong uptrend but price has made a decent pullback within that trend. This offers traders the opportunity to join the trend at […] Read more »

A Simple Yet Profitable Strategy

A well balanced trading strategy and plan is the ultimate key to consistent long-term profitability because it allows traders to capitalize on their edge without emotions day in and day out. Today’s post is presenting to you a profitable and solid trading swing strategy on […] Read more »

EURCAD Trade & Iron GBPUSD Leads to Fireworks

The EURCAD bearishness continues as price pushes yet again to new lower lows. The head and shoulders pattern (purple boxes) and the subsequent break of the neckline (purple line) has introduced 6 weeks of bearishness and the downtrend “party” might not be over as yet. […] Read more »

Why DTT Tools Help My Trading

8- 6- 2014 first

The Double Trend Trap (DTT) tools are a tremendous help and support for each and every trader. The reason is simple: the DTT tools offer essential assistance when analyzing the trend, measuring a pullback, and knowing when a decent continuation occurs. Or in other words, […] Read more »

The Winner’s Edge in Trading Psychology

Creating a winner’s edge in trading psychology is a must before substantial growth in trading performance could be expected. Many factors contribute in generating such an edge. However, the two most important topics could easily be discipline and patience. Without a doubt discipline and patience […] Read more »

Creating a Super Cool Trading Mindset

Creating a super cool trading mindset – it doesn’t sound too hard. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Our article today is on creating a focused trading mindset as this is the path which ultimately leads to success. WHAT IS SUPER […] Read more »

Is Teamwork Possible in Forex?

Forex trading is an isolated endeavor. Or, that is what the majority of traders think. This article will take a close look at whether Forex trading can be completed in a group, and what the benefits of a potential cooperation would be. Note: we would […] Read more »

Unique Perspectives on Trading Ranges in Forex

range trading

The goal of this article is to explain how ranges can be traded. Contrary to the previous post on ranges (click here), which discussed all the important theoretical parts; today’s session is more of a hands-on and practical approach. A consolidation (which is another name […] Read more »