How to Trade Using Multiple Strategies

Euro and dollar

A trading plan offers traders many choices and options, as discussed in previous articles. Here are the core elements each trading plan should incorporate: TOFTEM model Trade management Risk management Money Management Trading psychology And many more (read here about how to build a strategy) […] Read more »

Big Trend Warning on USD Part 2

21- 8- 2014 nu

At the end of July we posted an article that warned for a potential big trend on the US Dollar (Big Trend Warning: the US Dollar Ready for Major Lift Off in 2nd half of 2014). Although more confirmation is certainly required, that forecast from a […] Read more »

1500 Pip Breakout Potential on USDJPY

20- 8- 2014 uj 6

Not so long ago we wrote about how choppy the month of August usually is, and this year does not seem to be an exception to the rule. Today, however, an interesting breakout scenario has occurred on the USDJPY that certainly attracts our attention. A similar […] Read more »

110 Day GBPAUD Bear Flag Breaking

19- 8- 2014 ga7

The GBPAUD is in the process of continuing its downtrend which makes it an interesting candidate for today’s post. The GBP has been dropping steadily throughout the month of August (more info here) – and we can see the same pattern against the Australian Dollar. […] Read more »

Why Decision Spots Define the Forex Market

Decision spots or points are a great tool for all Forex traders because they provide solid entry and exit points. They also allow traders to understand the charts and technical analysis with more depth. Having an understanding of decision spots will also offer traders various […] Read more »