Trade Details in EURCAD’s Massive Down Trend

Not many currency pairs are trending due to the usual quietness during the summer. Luckily there are usually a couple of exceptions to this rule; whereas other pairs are close to breaking into a direction. One of those pairs could be the EURCAD. HEAD & […] Read more »

EURAUD Flag & Trend: A “Simple” Target

17- 7- 2014 ea 2

As all traders should know, the power of the trend is very mighty… And this force could be ready to be unleashed on the EURAUD! The EURAUD is known for its big trending movements… When this pair starts trending, then every trader wants to pay […] Read more »

2 Methods on Tackling Summer Trading in Forex

15- 7- 2014 gj

Summer time is hitting the Forex markets fast and hard. Price movements are slowing down and chart patterns appear quicker than usual on the majority of the currency pairs – especially contracting triangles are popular. How can a trader tackle these chart pattern formations? Usually […] Read more »

A Simple Yet Profitable Strategy

A well balanced trading strategy and plan is the ultimate key to consistent long-term profitability because it allows traders to capitalize on their edge without emotions day in and day out. Today’s post is presenting to you a profitable and solid trading swing strategy on […] Read more »

EURCAD Trade & Iron GBPUSD Leads to Fireworks

The EURCAD bearishness continues as price pushes yet again to new lower lows. The head and shoulders pattern (purple boxes) and the subsequent break of the neckline (purple line) has introduced 6 weeks of bearishness and the downtrend “party” might not be over as yet. […] Read more »

Why DTT Tools Help My Trading

8- 6- 2014 first

The Double Trend Trap (DTT) tools are a tremendous help and support for each and every trader. The reason is simple: the DTT tools offer essential assistance when analyzing the trend, measuring a pullback, and knowing when a decent continuation occurs. Or in other words, […] Read more »