Naked Forex Trading


Welcome Traders! Today’s article is going to be focused on Naked Forex Trading! Naked? No not me, don’t worry! I mean the charts! This means that the charts will have no indicators on them what so ever! No indicators? As in zero? Yes 0. We […] Read more »

How To Trade Gartley Pattern


Hello Forex Traders, Friday is here again and the dust of another trading week is settling down. Therefore today our main focus as Forex traders should primarily be on learning. Trade management of open orders or taking a last small position of the week are […] Read more »

How To Define Trend In Forex


Hello Forex Traders! „Go with the flow, ride the tide, bend with the trend“. Quote from Bill Willams. It sounds easy, does it not? But trading with the trend is not as simple as the quote will let you believe! And many Forex traders, I’m […] Read more »