Fed: “Party On”

Members of the Federal Open Market Committee Photographed upon exiting the latest Committee meeting.

Somebody jumped the gun. As our colleagues at ZeroHedge.com show, someone in the gold markets smelled the coming dovish announcement from Chairman Ben Bernanke Read more »

Australian Unemployment Rate Change

australia, aud

The Australian Unemployment Rate is expected to go up on Wednesday. Forecasts show that a figure of 5.8% is expected. That matches the highs of 5.8% that Australia saw during the global financial crisis, only a few years ago. Investors and economists will be watching […] Read more »

Canadian Building Permits Soar 20.7%

Building Permits

The Canadian Dollar is a beast this morning, heading towards 1.0360 against the U.S. Dollar. Canadian building permits sky-rocketed this morning, exceeding economists expectations by 16.3%. Canadian government figures show that the value of projects, such as shopping malls and office buildings, almost doubled in […] Read more »

Unemployment Lowest Since December 2008

white house

Unemployment figures fell to 4 year lows today. With no expectation of an unemployment rate change, the drop to 7.3% moved the forex market early Friday morning. The unemployment’s deviation was much more significant than the nonfarm payroll figures that showed little job growth. The […] Read more »

EUR/USD 6-Week Peak: ECB Press Conference

euro rising

The European Central Bank conducted their monthly press conference today. The bank rate was left unchanged at it’s record low of 0.50%. Mario Draghi has predicted a euro zone recovery every press conference since winter of 2011. Draghi reiterated that the bank rate will continue […] Read more »

Bank of Japan To Keep Policy The Same


The Bank of Japan will be meeting soon to discuss economic policy. Economists don’t expect much change in their 270 trillion yen monetary outlook (by the end of 2014) policy, which is in place to achieve a 2 perfect inflation target. The policy was kick-started […] Read more »

Great Britain Building The Most Since 2007


The UK’s construction PMI was released today, jumping to the highest seen figure since 2007 for Great Britain. 59.1 was announced as the level on the index today, much higher than an expected pace of 58.4. The good report may have eased the fears of […] Read more »