4 Ways of Reviewing the Forex Majors

20- 10- 2014 gu

The bullish US Dollar trend is losing steam against the other majors – especially against the Japanese Yen, followed by the Euro and then the Pound. Today’s post will analyze the majors with trend lines, Fibonacci levels, price action, and candle stick formations as the […] Read more »

NFP Figures Fuel Dollar Uprend but For How Long?

6- 10- 2014 uj 4

The positive NFP figures for the U.S. sparked another round of USD buying on Friday. Unemployment dropped below the 6% mark and the NFP numbers were decently higher than expected (248k versus 216k). Will this lead the way for one more month or even one […] Read more »

My First Month with the StrikeTrader Software

2- 10- 2014 myfx

My first month with the StrikerTrader software was highly profitable.   My account ended up with over 500 pips or a +9.7% profit for the month of September.   I had some great trades with StrikeTrader: Wins that closed for 100+ pips. Wins that closed […] Read more »

The Number One Handbook on Trend Lines in Forex

Trend lines and trend channels are excellent tools for measuring and monitoring market direction and sentiment. Trend lines capture the very core of price movements by connecting multiple hit points which allow Forex traders to distinguish patterns and trends. Forex traders can use trend lines […] Read more »

The 4 EURGBP Scenarios You Need to Know

The U.S. Dollar has been the center of attention in recent months due to its nice trend and bull run but today’s focus will be on a non USD pair –  the EURGBP. EURGBP DECISION The EURGBP is in a down trend but price is […] Read more »

Using Technical Analysis in Real Live Forex Trading

Today’s post will be focused on applying the steps of technical analysis in discretionary Forex trading. These steps have been laid out in a guide, which you can access here. For more information on trading the Forex market with less discretion, rules based, and a […] Read more »

Forex Majors Ready to Bounce

22- 9- 2014 eu 4

Last week’s trading week was filled with a ton of news events throughout the entire week, which was the equivalent of a big Forex “storm”. With those now behind us, the weather might be able to settle down again during the upcoming week and provide […] Read more »

Impact of Scottish Independence Referendum on GBP


Scotland will hold a referendum on whether it should be an independent country that will take place on Thursday September the 18th, 2014. Residents of Scotland will be able to vote yes or no on the question “should Scotland be an independent country?” If a […] Read more »

USDJPY Breaks 2014 High: Ready for 120?

9- 9- 2014 uj 3

After a large consolidation (entire 2014), the USDJPY has posted several daily candles above the monthly top of 105.44. Certainly there were and are no hints of any apparent weakness during the breakout. From a previous article we already know that the USDJPY could offer a 1500 […] Read more »

USD Momentum Thrives & Silver Break to Decade Lows

11- 9- 2014 u

The U.S. Dollar strength is a development which the WET blog has been closely monitoring closely (click here for July article and here for January article of this year). Strong weekly candles tower above the consolidation (orange box) on the USD index chart. Is there […] Read more »

110 Day GBPAUD Bear Flag Broke: Now What?


Although the GBPAUD daily breakout of the massive bear flag has been relatively slow and choppy, price still managed to fall 300 pips from the breakout point. Winners Edge Trading wrote about the break on August 19th (110 Day GBPAUD Bear Flag Breaking). Take a […] Read more »

Analysis of Major Pairs Over the Summer

2- 9- 2014 uc

Although August turned into a bearish doji candle, overall the USDCAD still has a bullish market structure when looking at the long-term trend. Here are the main factors to consider: Uptrend trend line has acted as support (green line) Price has bounced off of broken […] Read more »